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Remote Service

Remote Service Technology is a very important part outsourced IT servicing. IT NetSource, Inc. is dedicated to providing the best possible service and support for anyone who uses a computer. From the Desktop user to complete Network Management.

ITNS Remote Service
Our Remote Service capability dramatically enhances the computing services available to small businesses. We can deliver many key services remotely, benefiting you with a more robust service offering at lower costs. Our company has the ability to approach your computing needs more proactively, resulting in improved network uptime and faster response times to problems should they occur.

Secure Network Access
ITNS uses a secure, encrypted Virtual Private Network connection to remotely access your network. Occurrence and access level may be specified by an individual client's needs.

Rapid Response
When problems arise, our Remote Service Center connection allows us to respond faster, more efficiently and at lower cost to our clients.

Reduced Travel
Many routine management and support tasks such as system configuration, user administration, email management, backup verification, remote diagnostics, application management and problem resolution can be quickly accomplished through a remote connection in far less time than it would take to schedule an engineer to travel to your site.

Network Health and Security Monitoring 
Active monitoring of network health and security can reduce or prevent system downtime. ITNS staff can be notified automatically by your system through pages and email when virus attacks, backup failures, hardware failures and many other selected events occur. In many cases we can ward off impending problems thus minimizing or eliminating loss of income due to system failure.


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