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Workstations & Notebooks

ITNS has long provided clients with various brands of workstations and notebooks. Since most business clients understand that the true life-cycle cost of workstations and servers can be many times the hardware purchase price, we find it beneficial to focus on long term proven product lines.


Preferred Workstations

Workstations based upon Intel and Intel certified components can provide great overall value. If your company has developed a corporate standard, we can provide almost any workstation configuration for your needs.



Preferred Notebooks

As each new model is introduced, manufacturers tend to leap frog each other with respect to features, function and cost. Over the years we've found that reliability a most important factor. It's hard to go wrong with the following brands.

bullet SONY
bullet HP


Whether you have high end CAD users, Software Developers or Office Managers:

We can help you select a workstation that fits your needs.


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